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Aamir Khan is a Genius!

No doubt about that as he has proved it time and again with his performances, his choices of movies, his hard work for getting into the character for each of his movie as well taking risks of doing less films. There are so many qualities of this genius that even a book will seem small but apart from all these he has got away from one of his image which most people miss due to his innocent and charming nature.

Whenever, there are talks of kissing and smooching scenes in Bollywood, one name that often comes in people’s mind is the actor “Emraan Hashmi”.

The image of Emraan has become such that he seems to be synonymous with the term “Serial Kisser”! However, if one takes a closer look at Aamir Khan’s work since the time he came into the Bollywood Film Industry then one can easily notice that Aamir Khan has smooched and kissed most of his leading actresses in his films but still he has not been given the tag of a Serial Kisser!

It’s just amazing to see how he got away with this tag amidst the showbiz world of popularity, rumors, publicity and so on. One can only say that only a Genius like him could do that.

Aamir kissed “Juhi Chawla” in the movie “Qayamat se Qayamat Tak’ and this innocent tale of love was one of the most successful films in Bollywood. The movie “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar” saw Aamir kiss “Pooja Bedi” and this too was a highly successful film and still is one of the favorites among the fans.

The movie “Akele Hum Akele Tum” featured a kiss between “Manisha Koirala and Aamir” and “Mamta Kulkarni and Aamir” presented an innovative smooching scene where the character portrayed by Mamta puts an ice-cube from her lips to Aamir’s mouth whose character in the film is injured during the particular sequence.

One of the Best movies of Bollywood “Raja Hindustani’ saw Karishma Kapoor and Aamir Khan break all the boundaries for a passionate long and steamy smooching sequence. This kissing sequence did create controversies and some of the fans could not accept such a bold scene. However, the movie was one of the most-successful films of that time and still remains etched in the memories of fans and is in demand always for a repeat view. This particular “Smooch” between Aamir and Karishma remains one of the “Hottest Smooching Scenes” in Bollywood Cinema.

The movie “Rang De Basanti” saw Aamir locking-lips with the English actress “Alice Patten” and this movie too proved to be a milestone in Bollywood Cinema. “Alice Patten” received high praises and accolades for her character in the movie and she delivered a strong performance.

The movie with the highest earnings in Bollywood “3 Idiots” had Aamir smooching Kareena Kapoor; and “Fungshuk Wangdu” did prove that “naak beech mein nahi aati”! The movie was universally acclaimed and praised and it took Aamir Khan to a different zone completely in terms of “Popularity” and “Decision Making”. His last smooching scene was with the beautiful, sexy and hot “Katrina Kaif” in one of the most popular movies “Dhoom 3”.


Looking at Aamir Khan’s graph it does not look he is going to stop those hot smooching scenes. Only time will tell whether Aamir Khan will ever get the tag of a “Serial Kisser”. Till then, Aamir is having the last laugh and definitely kissing all his leading ladies of his movies.

Now, this is called the “Ultimate Chupa Rustom”!

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Vidya Balan has gained immense popularity over the years but it was not easy for her to climb the ladders of success. She proved her acting skills since the start of her career from “Parineeta” and since then, she has been part of critically as well as commercially successful movies. Despite, being praised for her acting performances she was the talking point among the audience as well media for her fashion sense and weight issues.

Vidya Balan was made into a scapegoat and made fun of for her acceptance towards her figure which is contradictory to how Bollywood actresses are perceived and desired to be. She kept maintaining her desi and traditional attire and was proud of her full and curvy figure but the people thought otherwise.

However, it all CHANGED!

Vidya presented such a raw and desi passion in her love scenes for the movie “Ishqiya” that everyone was in awe and shock at the same time. She just presented a new and bold desi avatar that being “Desi” was the “Next New Thing” to be talked about among people and media.

The same people completely changed their opinions about Vidya and some acted so diplomatically to save their ass now as Vidya had proved them WRONG and slapped them on their faces without even laying a finger on them.

The way she uttered the dialogues in the movie, and her thumb sucking scene along with her lovemaking scene with Arshad Warsi was shared on Social Media and was one of the most seen video among the people in that period of time. Her equation with legendary actor Naseeruddin Shah also got popular and she backed it with one of the BOLDEST film of Bollywood Cinema named “The Dirty Picture”.

“The Dirty Picture” was the biggest turning point of Vidya Balan’s career as it not only helped her in changing her image but also in cementing her bold desi image as well as her position in the Bollywood Film Industry. This particular movie apparently based on the yesteryears Southern Sensation “Silk Smitha” resulted in increasing Vidya’s popularity to a new height and she was placed amongst the “Top Actresses of Bollywood”! The boldest in her portrayal of the character was visible from her “exciting and naughty dialogues” which were mostly sexual and her hot boobs with her cleavage added to the charm of the film.

With the success of this movie, audiences took a keen interest in her earlier films as well and she got her due for her past films in form of love and accolades from her fans. She gave all the traditional Desi women a new definition that being sexy and sensuous does not come by wearing less or sexy clothes or having a slim body but the “Passion lies Within a Person” and her attitude, confidence and way of talking can have the same Magical effect!

Looking back at her career, one can easily notice that she was never a shy girl on screen as her love making scenes has always been passionate and lively. She has smooched her co-stars in most of the movies and often her scenes are the hottest ones compared to other Bollywood actresses.

Vidya Balan is quite easily the “QUEEN” when it comes to “Desi smooching and Love-Making Scenes”!

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The multi-talented Nandana Sen proved in 2014 that age is just a number when it comes to beauty and expression of seductiveness as she portrayed the muse of an artist with perfectionism in the movie ”Rang Rasiya”.

The movie was stuck in controversies and was not getting released in India due to its bold content and certain scenes regarding nudity and paint were the reasons which became a hurdle for this artistic piece of work by the highly acclaimed director “Ketan Mehta”.

If it has not been for the Censor Board’s objection then the movie would have been released in India much years earlier as “Rang Rasiya” was screened at the 2008 The Times BFI London Film Festival. The movie also had an English version titled “Colours of Passion”.

It is really hard to believe that Nandana Sen was 40 years of age during the shooting of the film and the hot scenes she enacted can easily make a young girl have inferiority complex. Her nudity was presented in a very artistic way and it was a welcome change for the audience as the scenes soothed as well as enticed their nerves at the same time. Her performance was absolutely uninhibited and bold yet had the innocence and vulnerability of the character and the role of one of the greatest painter of India, Raja Ravi Verma was portrayed by the dashing and critically renowned actor, Randeep Hooda.

Nandana was draped in a white transparent saree and her sexy boobs were visible and the complete visibility of her nipples made the audience hooked to her beauty and it was one of the added reasons to watch this amazing movie depicted on the painter Raja Ravi Verma.

The whole film on a whole worked and it mesmerized the critics as they hailed it is one of the best movies of Indian Cinema. The movie was not on the lines of those no-brainer sex comedies but brought out the perspective a painter has with his muse and his dedications towards the art of painting and the whole element of colours, vibrance, relationships, muse, painting, nudity, sensuousness was blended perfectly in this movie “Rang Rasiya”.

Nandana Sen received applause for her work and apart from that, her nude pictures of this film also created a wave in the social media and the people became curious when they got to see the bold and seductive Nandana Sen either draped in that white saree with her boobs or her images with Randeep Hooda where both can be seen making love to each other and both of them beautifully covered with paint.

Nandana has a vast range of work and she is not only limited to Bollywood Movies as she is one of those view actresses who have made a mark in World Cinema and  she has been involved in projects related to various countries. She is known for taking upbeat and challenging roles and delivering strong and heartfelt performances.

Bollywood definitely needs more actors and actresses like Nandana Sen who can be as bold and multi-talented like her!

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The Film-stars never FAIL to SURPRISE their Audience!

This statement holds true because the unpredictable decisions of the superstars who rule the hearts of millions and billions of fan leave them with shock, bewilderment whereas some are left with awe and happiness.

One such superstar is none other than SHAH RUKH KHAN. His decision in the 2012 movie “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” surprised even his most loyal, dedicated and crazy fans because he did something which he had never done in his career spanning 20 years in the Bollywood Film Industry until 2012.

His co-star in that movie, the beautiful, stunning, sexy and charismatic “Katrina Kaif” became the first actress ever to be picturized in a smooch scene with Shahrukh Khan. She is the bold and special one who made Shahrukh do the undoable on screen! It was a romantic situation where both the characters in the before mentioned movie ended up in a “Liplock”.

The movie was an enormous success both commercially and critically and bagged major awards for the movie as well. There were critics who said in the negative for the predictable story plot but all these remarks did not change audience’s mind to see the film. This film was special and it was also an emotionally sensitive moment for many as it was the last film of the famous and classic director “Yash Chopra”.

Despite, the success of the film and other accolades there were gossips and parodies made on Social Networking Websites which looked at the liplock sequence between Katrina and Shahrukh in a funny and cheeky way. There were numerous reasons discussed as to why Shahrukh kissed Katrina and the most talked about was the one where it was mentioned that the spat and differences between Superstar Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan was the reason for this unpredictable decision.

Katrina was said to be close with Salman Khan and the spat between two superstars Shahrukh and Salman was also rumored to have taken place while discussing about Katrina and some other actresses. There was no evidence but the rumors gave a plenty to think of to the audience and media alike.

The smooching scene between Katrina and Shahrukh was romantic and the beautiful lips of Katina along with the macho man Shahrukh raised the temperatures for the audiences. It will be interesting to see what Shahrukh does in future because even he cannot be counted on now as no one can guess what he is going to do.

Among the audience discussions one of the funny ones was where it was said to make Shahrukh kiss, people have to get him involved in a fight once again and maybe he will again do something to shock the audience completely.

It is a welcome change to see even one of the most experienced and established actors to break the pattern and experiment with his roles and how to go about preparing for the role and presenting it in different way.

Will Shahrukh smooch again onscreen? The audience can only WAIT to get the answer…..

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One of the hottest models and Bollywood actress of the current era, Sherlyn Chopra created history in 2012! She became the “First Indian Woman” to officially pose NUDE for the “Playboy Magazine”!

It was an achievement to be praised as there are number and number of beautiful and sexy models and actresses who want to be associated with the controversial yet famous and renowned “Playboy Magazine” but very few make it to the final stages and no one from India has ever featured “Completely “Naked’ until Sherlyn announced her association with the magazine in 2012.

The announcement was not sidelined as a rumor because the sexy and seductive actress herself made the statement and she was true to her words as she featured in the magazine nude and her nude pictures were leaked online in 2014 and the official published images also released in the same year.

This whole issue grabbed eyeballs as Playboy Magazine is still banned in India legally and the viral photo-shoots clearly and artistically displayed Sherlyn’s hot and sexy breasts and her beautiful vagina in every possible way. Her skin show was an absolute delight and treat for her fans but she also faced criticism in various sections of the society and her act was termed as obscenity. However, it did not affect the sexy model and she spoke out how she thought of taking this step and revealed her bold and confident side.

In an interview she said that she wanted to something risky in 2012 and that was the time she thought of being a Playboy Cover Girl and she herself wrote to Mr. Hugh Hefner, founder of the famous magazine and expressed her sincere desire of wanting to do a cover shoot for Playboy and she was delighted to get a positive answer from his side that too in a quick span of time.

In 2012, Sherlyn visited the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles for the magazine photo shoot and spent 11 days as a part of her whole association with Playboy. She was ecstatic from the hospitality she received and also defended Mr. Hugh Hefner who has been a controversial figure and has been apparently claimed to make the Playboy Models perform bizarre bed-time rituals and who also hosted some infamous Playboy model parties.

Sherlyn answered back to her critics and also presented her piece of mind to people who condemned her step to be a part of Playboy. She said that people who find nudity as something very bad or disturbing have been trained incorrectly in their minds to think nudity as some form of obscenity and vulgarity. She also added that grace, love and consciousness are the qualities which are far more important in a human being than being clothed or unclothed. She stood firmly for her decision and was proud to be a part of an Iconic Magazine as she was the one to bare it all which no Indian has done before.

Sherlyn Chopra, termed the shooting experience and her stay at the Playboy Mansion the “Best Days of her Life”!

The fans of this sexy model are definitely happy knowing her confident and “I don’t give a damn” attitude and are eagerly waiting for her next BIG DECISION!

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The Hindi Film Industry or Bollywood Industry how it is popularly known has completed more than 100 years since its inception in 1912. Looking back, it can be reflected that the industry has come a long way and has improved and grown in every possible aspect.

Whenever, the movies of this industry is compared with the Foreign Films it is often considered that Bollywood Movies don’t have explicit content as freely as it’s visible and executed in International Films. Even the kissing scenes and love making scenes of Bollywood Cinema becomes a talking point and a food for gossip. There is hype, media scrutiny and scandals but the audience love this chaos and amongst these passionate movie-lovers the industry has sustained itself absolutely well and enlarged itself quite rapidly.

Over a period of time even Bollywood movies started incorporating bold and hot content and then there was birth of “Censorship” and it still plays a major role for any film-maker to have scenes who wants to depict explicit or erotic content or any other content and has to get the movie examined through the norms set by the Censor Board.

However, it will be a SHOCK for most of those movie-lovers to know that the “First ever Kissing Scene in Bollywood History” was picturized in 1933!

The name of the movie was “Karma” and this bilingual film starred Devika Rani and Himanshu Rai as the lead actor and actress who were also real life couples. It was a joint production among India, Germany and United Kingdom. The movie has the longest kissing sequence for any Indian Film as the kissing scene went on for 4 minutes! It was a romantic situation in the movie where Devika Rani openly smooched her husband-actor Himanshu Rai passionately. The lip lock image of these actors got noticed in a quick span of time in that era.

The film was made specially keeping in mind the taste of the International audience and Devika Rani became a sensation in India as her kiss was hot and romantic and it also led to controversies as a major part of India could not accept such bold scenes being depicted openly. In India, the movie was released in Hindi as “Naagan ki Raagani” but it could not weave the same magic as it had done in foreign countries. The controversies were said to be one of the biggest reasons for its failure in India but it is a “Landmark” Film in India Cinema for its first ever bold kissing scene in an Indian Movie.

The story revolved around a princess, enacted by Devika Rani and a prince, enacted by Himanshu Rai where the princess falls for the prince and they love each other but the prince’s father is against this relationship.

The young cine-goers can catch a glimpse of that hot and romantic love making scene and also see other works of Devika Rani who was awarded “Padma Shri” (1958) and “Dadasaheb Phalke Award” (1969) by the Indian Government and “Soviet Land Nehru Award” by Soviet Russia in the year 1990.

Devika Rani is truly and quite deservingly called “The First Lady of Indian Cinema”!

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Radhika Apte is a critically acclaimed actress of Bollywood and she has also made her presence felt in Regional Cinemas and proved her craft in her collaborations with International Movies as well. She has got the acting skills to stay long in this industry and has often projected her talent with a variety of roles.

However, year 2015 and 2016 were marked years for her in terms of “Scandals” as well .She became a part of back to back media sensation when her nude scene from a short movie directed by renowned Bollywood director, Anurag Kashyap was leaked in 2015. It was a 20 minute short film named “That day after Everyday” which was meant for an International Release and it was a unique project as 7 short films directed by renowned directors would have been assembled and made into a full-fledged film.

Anurag Kashyap opened up on the issue as it was because of him that Radhika had done the project and protecting her from this short of mishap was his responsibility.  He put his perspective in front of the media and said that his short film was a true story, it was very powerful and would have come with subtitles. It was difficult for him to shoot due to the sequence where the actress had to lift her dress and expose her lower front part. It wasn’t easy for him to find an actress who was brave enough to do such sequence. Radhika Apte was so proud of doing something like that and the entire shooting crew was women and even girls were involved in the post-production stage. He also added that a month before this scandal; the short film was delivered to New York and the viral leaked video popped up online from nowhere. Anurag suspected that there was an Indian Guy behind this scandal.

Anurag also approach the Police to seek help for catching the culprit and the viral video was blocked and removed from WhatsApp Messenger App and Facebook as well. However, this whole scandal led to much media scrutiny for Radhika Apte and also resulted in a number of debates among people, popular personalities and social organizations.

If this was not enough then 2016 saw another scandal when Radhika’s love making scene with actor Adil Hussain from her movie “Parched” was leaked and she also found herself in a similar scandal when her nude washroom selfies were circulated in Whatsapp and other social media platforms. The leaked love making scene and other scenes from the movie clearly showed Radhika’s sensuous boobs and nipples. The washroom selfies too showed her in a compromised position and her breasts were clearly visible.

Radhika was appreciated in the movie but the scandals led her to face troubles and media bringing that tricky topic in front of her every now and then during the time she was busy for the movie promotions. However, Radhika took the situation heads-on and did not succumb in these trying times and presented her brave side.

In this age of technology and media, it seems unlikely that Radhika can ease herself and think these situations won’t happen again, but her behavior reflects she is PREPARED to DEAL with it!

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The year 2016 has been a Year of “Breakups” in Bollywood.

Number of couples parted ways and called it Quits! Some were in a relationship since some months so those were not as shocking when compared to couples who were tied in the marriage since so many years yet they took the step which left fans and media in a state of SHOCK.

Recently, it was reported that the famous couple Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif also headed for a breakup. Katrina was seen taking some drastic steps in her career while being in the relationship with Ranbir and it was also rumored that the famous director Aditya Chopra, Yash Raj Productions was also miffed with Katrina and she was removed from several big projects.

She was avoiding the media and dodging their questions. When the secret beach vacation pictures of Katrina in a bikini with Ranbir by her side were leaked then it made quite a wave and fans as well as industry people of Bollywood thought  these two love birds were headed towards Marriage.

However, things did turned bad and breakup was inevitable!

Post-breakup the fans are curious regarding the personal life of both Ranbir and Katrina and if rumors are to be believed then it has been reported that Katrina is regrouping herself and starting afresh in her career as well as her personal life. She has made some changes in her Life which she had not done till now.

She joined the Social Media Websites like Facebook and Twitter and will soon join Instagram as well.

May be she wanted to do this earlier but Ranbir, who doesn’t have his presence on Social Media can be the reason why Katrina too was keep herself away from it.

Katrina recently engaged herself in Live Chat Sessions with Fans and directly answered their questions.

Looking at the beautiful actress it can be noticed that she looks relax and refreshed now whereas some months ago her pictures looked pale and tired and fans as well as other people in her life were worried and it gave the media a hint as well of something being wrong in her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor.

Katrina is attending parties, attending award shows and was also seen hanging out with her friends. Moreover, she celebrated her birthday this year with her close friends in the industry and even shared the pictures of her Birthday.

One more rumor doing the rounds is that she consulted Salman Khan before heading for the breakup. There is a possibility of that as he was the guiding light for her when she came to this industry. So, she might have asked for his suggestions. After the breakup with Ranbir, it seems Salman and Katrina are friends again. If that is the case, then it’s wonderful for her because everyone knows Salman for his generosity.

The New Katrina post-breakup looks wonderful and ready to go and make amends to her career.

Now, her fans are curious when the love cupid will strike her next!


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Actress, TV Host and Model; Veena Malik, has always been a part of controversies. She is outspoken and bold and her comments and acts fuel her publicity. It was reported that she was a part of a new scandal and a wardrobe malfunction where the dress she was wearing for the photoshoot slipped down and her nipples were exposed and snapped. The pictures were circulated and popular in the Social Media and again made her a part of gossip among the audience.

In the past she has been a part of various other scandals which included her tantrums and acts in the Big Boss Show- Season 4 where she was becoming close with the Bollywood actor, Ashmit Patel and she provided some really hot and steamy moments in the show and kept the viewers glued to the show.

Veena Malik was a part of another controversy when her image was on the cover of FHM Magazine India Edition. She posed nude with her hands covering her boobs. It became a scandal as “ISI” was written on her upper-arm in that image where ISI are the initials of “Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Spy Agency”. There were rumors spreading that she was a Spy Agent but nothing substantial came out of these rumors.

Veena denied that she posed nude on the Magazine Cover and accepted that she was topless but did not pose completely nude. She later sued the magazine legally over the images.

Malik and her husband Asad were sentenced to 26 years in prison in November 2014 by a Gilgit court for allegedly airing a blasphemous programme and it hurt the sentiments of the people. The owner of Pakistan’s biggest media group, Geo TV and Jang group, was criticized and accused of allowing the airing of the blasphemous programme by Geo television in the month of May, which played a religious song in the backdrop while staging a mock marriage of Malik with Bashir. The judge sentenced imprisonment of Malik and Bashir for 26 years and the TV host Shaista Wahidi wasn’t spared as well and she too got the same 26 years punishment.

However, Veena Malik and her husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak who is a businessman fled to Dubai after they were sentenced for imprisonment.

Mailk started her career as a TV Host for a television show and gradually moved towards acting in Pakistani movies and shifted towards Bollywood Movies as well. She was a known face in Pakistan but she gained eyeballs in India as well even though her real life was the reason for her fame and being the gossip of the town. She even made her debut in Kannada Cinema with the movie “Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Hot” in which she played a real life character which was based on none other than the popular and controversial Southern Actress, Silk Smitha. For this role, Malik had to gain weight which she did to fit into the character. The film was a success and she got acclaim for her performance in the movie.

One thing can be said with affirmation about Veena Malik that whatever she does and wherever she goes she is “Bound to Make Waves”!

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Popular Southern Actress Ragini Diwedi suffered a wardrobe malfunction in 2013 at the SIIMA Awards (South India International Movie Awards). The incident wasn’t reported in 2013 but a video was leaked and the circulation of that leaked video started in 2014 over WhatsApp Messaging App and other Social Media Websites.

The actress said that someone was trying to tarnish her image as she had major announcements to make about her upcoming films. The scandal took place during a live show performance where was dancing on the stage. She was wearing a red blouse and it slipped off exposing her boobs and nipples to the audience and cameras alike. Ragini was unware and she continued the dance with her naked boobs still exposed.

After some seconds, she realized what has happened and quickly went back and put her blouse in place where it was supposed to be. Even in such an embarrassing situation she must be complimented as she didn’t leave her performance and came back and continued dancing. It shows her daring attitude as well as presence of mind. Very few actresses would have the guts to do what she did.

The actress however was upset and worried as the video got leaked in 2014 and even the images were published and exchanged on Social Media Websites. She informed that she will file a defamation suit against this incident.

Ragini Diwedi was born in a Punjabi family in Bangalore with her roots being in Rewari, Haryana. She was recognized and introduced to the modelling world by the Fashion Designer, Prasad Bipada in 2008 and soon she became a model and was runner-up in the 2008 Femina Miss India Contest. She also won the “Richfeel Femina Miss Beautiful Hair” award at the 2009 Pantaloons Femina Miss India contest. She has modelled for famous designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Ritu Kumar, Tarun Tahiliani, Rohit Bal and Manish Malhotra.

After modelling it was time was the Film World and she stepped into movies with the 2009 film “Veera Madakari” and she won the “Suvarna Film Award” for the Best Debut Actress. Her popularity increased with successful Kannada language Films like Kempe Gowda, Shiva, Bangari and Ragini IPS. With such popular films she made her own place in the film industry.

There is a Fan Club of the actress on Social Media Websites and she interacts with her fans through that portal. The Naked Dance Boob scandal did not affect her career and her image was saved from being maligned. The truth is unknown regarding who leaked the videos but one thing is clearly visible that the hard work of the actress has saved her and she still rules the hearts of the audiences. It is reported that for the film “Naane Next CM’ she has worked really hard and shed 15 kilos in a span of about 3 months.

Ragini Diwedi, is a prime example of how an actress can survive in the film industry with sheer talent and hard work and the scandals do become a barrier but eventually proves temporary and success finally finds its way!


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Among the list of models who have suffered wardrobe malfunctions there was one more name added in that list in 2014 and it was none other than Femina Miss International 2011 Winner Ankita Shorey. The unfortunate incident was immediately lapped up by the media and viewers alike.

Ankita Shorey was a special guest at an opening of a Gym and Health Fitness Center where her dress revealed a bit too much of her ample breasts . However, Ankita looked unfazed and relaxed during her visit to the gym and was seen enjoying her presence there. A slight view of her nipples was also exposed in this incident.

She took part in Miss India 2011 pageant and was declared winner at the Miss India International 2011. In the same year she was also India’s official entry in Miss International 2011. Acclaimed and renowned designers like Nikhil and Shantanu stitched her final gown whereas Bollywood’s one of the most successful designers, Manish Malhotra designed her national costume and there was no doubt that all these designers gave their best efforts to make Ankita Shorey succeed in that competition.

Hailing from Jammu and Kashmir, Ankita has come a long way in her modelling career and she did her higher studies from Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi, India. It was also rumored that Ankita Shorey had bagged major film offers from renowned producers and directors of Bollywood. One such name which came out in these rumors was “T Series”. However, nothing materialized and the news eventually faded out.

Ankita Shorey is a well-known name in the world of modelling and she has been a showstopper in many such fashion events including some major fashion events like “Lakme Fashion Week”, “Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week” and many more. She also walked the ramp with The Bollywood Bong beauty “Bipasha Basu” at “India National Jewellery Week 2012”. She was the only non-actor to have walked the ramp at Manish Malhotra’s fashion show Mijwan Sonets in Fabric 2012.

There have also been gossips about Ankita’s love affairs and her name has been associated with popular television actor Nandish Sandhu and Bollywood Actor, Niel Nitin Mukesh. The recent rumors suggest she is not dating anyone and is believed to be Single!

Ankita Shorey was awarded the “Best Face on Ramp” by Sahara Group and also got the award of “The Rising Star” in Las Vegas. She even hosted the popular Bollywood event, Filmfare Awards in 2012 with superstars like Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. She is also active in advertising field and has been the Brand Ambassador for Geetanjali Jewellery and The Indian Bridal Fashion Week. She was also chosen as the Official Face for “Gilli” Apparels in 2014. Italian brand Ticino signed Ankita to endorse their watches as well.

The wardrobe malfunction she suffered was popular among viewers and it doesn’t seem that the incident will create any negative affect on her career. However, such incidents and scandals keep the gossip business alive and no one is complaining. Cheers!


We have these young breed of actors in Bollywood who are both bold and beautiful and have the courage to take unusual decisions so early in their career. They are focused and nothing seems to de-route them from their career goals. Wardrobe Malfunctions is seriously a situation which makes even a confident person depressed and hesitant to face cameras and people again but there is a rare specimen among these famous actors and actresses and she is none other than the adorable “Alia Bhatt”.

She seems to be enjoying her wardrobe malfunctions and have provided the audience and press much to talk and discuss about. She is having these wardrobe malfunctions one after the other and the onlookers and media are surely hooked because of these oops moments.

Be it a promotion for her movie with Varun Dhawan, be it a fashion ramp walk, be it a party or award show night or a casual get-together; nothing stops Alia Bhatt. She is bang on and the cameras eagerly spot these malfunctions and the news is reported to curious audiences.

At times she is caught without her panties or her ample portion of boobs or cleavage is visible. More than often she is snapped providing a clear and transparent view of her butt where her panties are missing. During the promotion with Varun Dhawan, her transparent view of her panty was clearly visible and the pose was something which raised the hotness and oomph factor.

Alia Bhatt is definitely rare because it is not that her acting skills are bad. In fact, critics and audience have praised her performances alike and she is expected to stay in the movie industry for years to come and rule the hearts of her fan. She is definitely in the reckoning for the best actress which Bollywood possess based on acting merits and for such a Star to be involved in frequent wardrobe malfunctions hints at her “I don’t care” attitude and all these add to her popularity it seems. She has her own identity and is more popular among the teenage fans and have some really big budget films from famous directors and producers in her kitty.

She is always in the news be it for her comments, her relationship rumors, her lack of general knowledge or current affairs or her upcoming films. Whether she does this deliberately or not; only she can tell but one thing is for sure that there will be no stopping her and she will be talked about whether for the “Good” or for the “Bad”.

Alia Bhatt is the QUEEN when it comes these wardrobe malfunctions and uneasy situations but she provides a lesson to all other actors and actresses in a sense that how confidence and attitude can can turn a bad situation to be working in your favor. The fans have definitely learnt the lesson and hope that others are also listening and take a leaf out of Alia Bhatt’s book and apply it in their lives.

Gauhar Khan is a well-known name these days but back in 2006 she was still climbing the staircases of success and was into modelling. She started her career with modelling in 2002 when she was fourth in a contest of “Femina Miss India”.

During a famous modelling event called “Lakme Fashion Week” she was walking the ramp when the unfortunate event happened in 2006. The dress she was wearing betrayed her as the stitches were not properly done. During her walk, her butt was revealed from behind but she covered her skin and tried to complete her walk.

Since then, she gained much popularity on internet and worldwide as well. This became a famous scandal and her popularity grew.

Well it’s up to the readers to decide whether she really was a victim or this was a publicity stunt to gain immediate popularity. However, she denied the claims that it was done on purpose and said it was seriously a wardrobe malfunction and said she was a “Victim”.

Well whatever the truth is of that particular incident, we know how she became popular after that and even got her own TV Shows and a chance to participate in famous television show “Big Boss” in the its 7th season. She eventually went to WIN this show and she was in news because of the scandals and the fights which took place in that show.

The 2006 Wardrobe Malfunction definitely gave an eyeful to the peeping eyes and she even did some sexy and hot item numbers in recent years which are high on the oomph factor and definitely raised the bars when it comes to item numbers. Gauhar Khan’s incident also made her popular in Dubai as she has her extended family and fans there.

Over the years many such wardrobe malfunctions have taken place and all the so called mentioned “Victims” have gained popularity which add curiosity in people’s mind regarding these incidents and gives overnight fame to the model. This topic was even depicted in the Movie “Fashion” where a model played by the actress “Kangana Ranaut” suffers Wardrobe Function.

Gauhar Khan participated Reality Shows as well and wherever she goes she is involved in some sort of scandals but eventually comes out successful and moves higher in her career as well as her fan base grows. During Big Boss she was said to be dating a fellow contestant from that show and had a huge fan following on the social networking site “Twitter” where fans wanted her to get married but eventually the relationship soured and she had a break-up.

There were claims that this incident was again a publicity stunt from her side and faked the dating incident to gain sympathy during the Big Boss show which led her to win it and after she won it she broke the relationship off.

She again denied the claims and said the relation could not proceed and they reached a “mutual consent” to break it off.

Whatever the reality is, we were kept hooked and interested and if this was a pre-determined plan then we must admit Gauhar Khan is here to stay for long in this competitive showbiz field and we await for the NEXT BIG INCIDENT from her side!


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अमीषा पटेल को सभी भारत की जानता ने अब तक खूब सहारा और अब वक्त आ चूका है की अमीषा पटेल अपनी आने फिल्म “भैय्याजी सुपरहिट” में सन्नी देओल के साथ अपने जलवे दिखा दे | अमीषा पटेल ने अब बोलीवुड में वापसी लेते हुए हालही में अपनी “रेस २” की फिल्म की सूटिंग’ पूरी की है और अब अपनी अगली फिल्म में सबको हिलाने के लिए तैयार हैं |

अमीषा पटेल ने इस नयी फिल्म “भैय्याजी सुपरहिट” में बिकनी में कई गरमागरम लुभावने द्रश्य दिखलाने वाली हैं | अमीषा पटेल का कहना है की अब वो अगले वर्ष २०१३ तक लगभग अपनी ५ फिल्में बोलीवुड को देने वाली हैं जहाँ हर फिल्म में ने उन्होंने अपने खूबसूरत रूप को दिखलाया है और हर फिल्म में हर रोल उनके कुछ अलग है जो ज़रूर ही उनके चाहकों को पसंद आएगा | जब अमीषा पटेल को अपनी फिल्म को लेकर इतना भरोसा है तो दोस्तों हमें भी बड़ी बेसब्री से अमीषा के तंग द्रश्यों की बेसब्री लगी रहेगी |

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पूनम पाण्डेय आज अपने बाथटब में नहाती हुई किसी हसीन अप्सरा से कम नहीं लग रही है पर यह बता तो सभी जानते हैं की यह सब दासी मर्दों के दिल में कितने अंगारे जला देगा | दिन के हर समय में पूनम की तस्वीरें सुलगती हुई गर्मी पैदा करने को हैं | पूनम पाण्डेय की इतनी कामुक और दिलकश तस्वीरें बस बोलीवुड को जैसा नया अंजाम देने के लिए ही हैं |

पूनम की यह गर्मागर्म तस्वीरें बस इसी बात की हलकी सी छवि झलकाती है की इसकी आने कामुक फिल्म किस हद तक कयामत ढा सकती है | पूनम पाण्डेय ने आजतक वही किया जो इसके दिल ने किया और अगर ऐसी ही पूनम की कामुक मुद्रा ने ने अपना अजाम ले लिया तो बोलीवुड का रुख बदलकर रख सकती हैं |

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दोस्तों बॉलीवुड में जाना और एक अछे मौका पर पहुचना कोई आम बात नहीं जैसा की हम लगता है केवल अपने टेलीबिसन के सामने देखते हुए लगता है | देखिये हमारे बॉलीवुड की अभिनेत्री शेरलीयन चोपरा बॉलीवुड में अपने हत्कंडे ना जमाने के बाद जनता का आकर्षण किसी और रूप में ही लेना चाहती हैं |

इन द्र्शयों में यह हाथ में हंटर लिए अपने लेडीज़ इन्नेरवियर में ही फोटो खिंचवा रही है जोकि किसी भी मर्द को उत्तेजित करने के लिए काफी हैं |

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Guys just watch and comment it .

There you can see Hot Katrina kaif cleavage on her backstage . Shamita shetty half seen pussy which was in reports and magazine too , jenelia on screen leasbian kiss and lastly Kareena Kapoor nipples while in her exercise class .

This is nothing friends but somekind of Wardrobe Malfunction .


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Hrithik Roshan is very happy for his newly released movied “Agneepath” and had celebrated it with a huge party . In his party many top actors and actress like Shahrukh , Snjay dutt , Ravina tondon and many more came and all together enjoyed very well . In middle somehow SRK had messed  up and returns to his home but his wife Gauri Khan have stayed there ,

Gauri also have enjoyed with his husband but in next turns he enjoyed with hardworjing actor Hrithik Roshan and he also clicked some photos wih her . One photo Hrithik uploaded on twitter and also added his comment that he is with amzing talented lady so called Gauri Khan and she is going to come in front of us very soon which made shocked .

So lets see what happpens next and you can give your suggestions by comments guys . .

Neha Dhupia In Black Bikini

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This is no one but punjabi sikh girl who started her career in bollywood from his her first film Qyamat and soon many more but dont know how she dint got the fame what she wanna or say a heroine wants to become super Actress . This is some pics of her bikini photo shoot and when enjoying beautifully in black binkey in Goa beach .

DO you like it guys then do comment . .