Posted: June 23, 2011 by Prince in Wardrobe malfunctions
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The less talked about and less TV spotted model cum actress Yana Gupta who had been mostly forgotten thses days is back into news with a spicy cum nude touch!

She was recently photographed without an underwear at an NGO event organized for kids. Yana took it lightly and has laughed off the wardrobe malfunction suggesting that she will now be called the “no-panty girl”.

But cheers! This has given her publicity again and is now again highlighted in the peoples mind. This has increased the chances of fetching her roles in Bollywood flicks. it has certainly heated up the search engines with folks consistently searching for Yana Gupta to catch a glimpse of the pictures of her without a panty. Good going yana…

The sexy Czech stunner wore a little hot black dress but did not wear the most essential garment underneath it! (Might be she was too busy adjusting her boobs that she forgot her pussy!) Not just that, she was quite calm and happy about being clicked while sitting cross-legged on a chair. Her leg slid upwards and when she separated her thighs, what ought to have remained hidden was exposed to the lenses of cameramen at the event! The cameraman certainly took closeup pics at about 30pics a minute!

Now speaking about what was the reaction of Yana about that event, she just Laughed off the whole incident! She closed he lips describing it as the ‘funniest day of her life’. Yana is reported to have said that she has been rehearsing for a television dance show lately and in order to avoid the embarrassment of adjusting her undergarment after every dance move, she chose to do away with the panty.

Nice idea Yana. Someday  you will decide to go naked on streets to avoid wasting time wearing dresses!

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