Nauheed Cyrusi couldn’t afford a BRA…

Posted: June 26, 2011 by Prince in Wardrobe malfunctions
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Here it is again guys…A clear publicity stint!

The less-talked-about sexy chick Nauheed Cyrusi’s braless saree was the media’s favorite catch in Ayesha Takia’s wedding! It wasnt wardrobe malfunction typically unless Nauheed forgot to wear a bra..

Well I would never call it a wardrobe malfunction..

Nauheed wore a see-through blouse..Didnt wear a bra…And gave an eyeful to everyone present there at the wedding. She was clearly exposing her tits and their peaks!

Lolz!! Just see the security men behind her gazing at her with their eyes wide open!

Come on nauheed….The trend is changed…If u want more publicity then you should go for something bigger!

ELSE you will be left behind;)

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