Charmi has really got BIG balls!

Posted: July 15, 2011 by Prince in Hot chips, Wardrobe malfunctions
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Okay buddies…..

Now I got some exclusiva Tollywood stuff for you.

Till now we have just heard that Charmi got bigger boobs…But now we have the proof.

In these pics, Charmi is seen wearing a nice white shirt. But lolzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

The shirt is unable to hold her Big assets. They are bigger in size than her HEAD!

Oh my…this is really hot and interesting;)

This can neither be called as a wardrobe malfunction nor a publicity stint.

And..last but not the least! There are two extra wet seducing pics of Charmi just for you.

Have a nice peek;)

  1. princegone says:

    Sure friends;)
    Thanks for the interest…
    many more yet to come………….keep watching;)

  2. princegone says:

    Thank You…
    Am here to give you the best;)

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