Kim Kardashian (Turn it Up “ASS”) Music Video Leaked

Posted: September 14, 2011 by Prince in Hot chips, Magazine Models
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Kim Kardashian’s Jam (Turn It Up) music video is all over the place. Considering it looks like it could be a preview for her naughty tape, I can see why.

Well, Kim Kardashian is no stranger to getting sweaty and showing her butt off. Literally. Girlfriend has built her name up starting with a naughty tape. Not many socialites can do that, but boy do they try.

The clip in the video posted below is from Kim’s Jam (Turn It Up) single and music video, which was recorded last year but flopped. Something tells me it is going to make a comeback. Kim rolls around all wet, with her famous assets on display in a pair of tiny pink booty shorts and a very low white tank top.

And the lyrics fit right in with today’s pop music,

“Turn me up, turn me up. Turn me, turn me, turn me up” In fact, that may already be a song.

Her sister Khloe was quick to jump to her sister’s defense saying,

“The song was for charity; it wasn’t for her to have a recording deal. [It was] something she just wanted to be for herself and for fun, so the video she made just for herself. It was never meant to be played publicly.”

Hmm. Then why is there a music video? This is not the first video “never meant to be played publicly,” so maybe she needs to stop making videos she doesn’t want the public to see.

I’m just sayin’.

Check out Kim Kardashian’s Jam (Turn It Up) music video and then tell me what you think about it in the comments below. Do you think it is going to get radio air play, or will it be a youtube hit as people search for a free version of Kim’s,  assets ?…


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