Sonali Bendre Caught Out

Posted: September 30, 2011 by Prince in Wardrobe malfunctions
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What is the best way to make the headlines, and to hog column inches in the glossy magazines and papers? Well it is for a very hot actress to have a wardrobe malfunction, and to show off more than they intended to.

Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre suffered such a malfunction recently, when she was attending a party of director Karan Johar.

Amazingly, she didn’t seem at all put out by the fact that she had been caught out, not wearing panties, and that her beautiful pussy had been on show to the world, and had been recorded by the media for the whole world to see.

The stunning actress was looking truly captivating in her black mini dress in any case, but their was not enough material to cover the fact that she had no panties on underneath.  Did she forget, or was this yet another Bollywood publicity stunt? Does the world really care, when such a delightful vision is on show….long may this trend continue, and I speak for he many thousands of Bollywood fans out there, who love to see as much as possible of our gorgeous female stars!


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