After Poonam this Model spreaded Sensation

Posted: November 13, 2011 by Prince in Wardrobe malfunctions
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After Poonam Pandey, other models are out now on her way . Hot model Sofia Hayat also recently brought in a bikini is the hottest sensation photos uploaded to Twitter . May be these horny steps they want to infactuate people’s mind to overcome hurdles coming in their films or modeling assignments career .

Well Sophia used stay in headlines because of her hot stylish  touch . last week  her bikini photo shoot was also in discussed . A few days ago, he had created a sensation similar to upload a photo . Also now she is often in the news because of her relationships with the team India’s cricket player Virat Kohli .

Today world gotta changed because of this kind of models which are in made blind themselves in the career of famous and  glory . This affect only made one of the hot models Poonam for her breast implant and her nudicity for India’s cricket team .

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