Minissha wearing a bikini well before, but now is showing tantrums

Posted: December 11, 2011 by Prince in True Bollywood
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Actress Minissha Lamba flatly refused to walk the ramp in bikini wear in his upcoming comedy film “Hum Tum Shabana”. She entry into Bollywood from the movie ‘Yahan’  and was wearing a bikini in  movie ‘Kidnap’ . A film directed by Sagar ballari “Hum Tum Shabana” is a romantic comedy.

About that Minissha said: “This film is purely romantic comedy and the two boys are after the same girl. The movie is going to be thinking something and you should think again.”

Minissha plays a character of a girl who takes part in a beauty contest then She does not meet any of the Criteria to become a model. Clearly, She can not win the beauty competition. The drama of the film is only its high point.

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