Dharmendra – Hema’s daughter going to engaged

Posted: December 29, 2011 by Prince in True Bollywood
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Dharmendra Hema, Malini and their daughter Esha Deol are very excited to celebrate  for their comeback film “Tell Me Oh Khuda” as well as they now have one more chance to celebrate for . Esha’s being said about to engaged with a Mumbai businessman name  Bharat Takhtani .

As per their own close friends reveals that both engaged with each other and going in a serious relationship . They love each other very much also going reveal out after her release of her film “Tell Me Oh Khuda”.

Isha and Bharat have seen while roaming in great places and spending time with their friends but when asked about this news, Esha was refused about its fact .They were also told that they  just friends but now they have in relationship which is more than being just friends . Isha cleared this all statement by saying that engagement ring is still her hand even being engaged is quite big event so why she need to hide from media .

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