Hema considered today’s dance as VULGAR

Posted: January 1, 2012 by Prince in True Bollywood
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Film star Hema Malini is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. Her dance in her films  have received much acclaim from the audience. Hema says she finds the absence of classical dance in today’s films.

Hema said, I feel the lack of classical dance in the movies but I can not include it. Who will see it. Nowadays the audience prefer to dance in Munni Badnam, Sheila ki jawani and Jalebi bai. Even the manufacturer will not make the classical dance in any movie.

The Hema are like the dance reality show. He holds that such a platform to show their artwork to help. She says I want to create a program that includes Bharatanatyam, classical dance, including Odishi including but times have changed. She can not do anything because television producers do not like this kind of program. She even do not get any support for it from the channel if at all with a good actress and dancer Hema’s director and producer.

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