No one act wrong In presence of Preeti

Posted: February 28, 2012 by Prince in True Bollywood
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Hey Friends,

On-screen bodyguard, even if it goes by the name of Salman Khan, but the real off-screen bodyguard is Preeti Zinta . This words were only spoke from Shahrukh khan. Preeti Zinta’s chat show, Shah Rukh Khan said that he have not seen anyone else better than Preeti as a bodyguard.”

During the chat SRK told to Preeti that he is very shy with women therefore where there is an unknown female than no one can be the better bodyguard than Preeti .  He is very comfortable with Preeti as when Preeti with her then no need to be afraid of a female fan in question because no one can misbehaive with her Co- Star .

A source close to Shah Rukh Khan and Preeti said the but not only the King Khan but most of the stars feel very comfortable with Preeti , especially when it comes around to the crowd of female fans. In presence of Preeti no one act go wrong with him . That is why indirectly Preeti’s kindness and well maintained personality made her a real bodyguard .

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