Alia Bhatt: The Queen of Wardrobe Malfunctions and Oops Moments!

Posted: October 15, 2016 by darkdesires011 in True Bollywood, Wardrobe malfunctions
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We have these young breed of actors in Bollywood who are both bold and beautiful and have the courage to take unusual decisions so early in their career. They are focused and nothing seems to de-route them from their career goals. Wardrobe Malfunctions is seriously a situation which makes even a confident person depressed and hesitant to face cameras and people again but there is a rare specimen among these famous actors and actresses and she is none other than the adorable “Alia Bhatt”.

She seems to be enjoying her wardrobe malfunctions and have provided the audience and press much to talk and discuss about. She is having these wardrobe malfunctions one after the other and the onlookers and media are surely hooked because of these oops moments.

Be it a promotion for her movie with Varun Dhawan, be it a fashion ramp walk, be it a party or award show night or a casual get-together; nothing stops Alia Bhatt. She is bang on and the cameras eagerly spot these malfunctions and the news is reported to curious audiences.

At times she is caught without her panties or her ample portion of boobs or cleavage is visible. More than often she is snapped providing a clear and transparent view of her butt where her panties are missing. During the promotion with Varun Dhawan, her transparent view of her panty was clearly visible and the pose was something which raised the hotness and oomph factor.

Alia Bhatt is definitely rare because it is not that her acting skills are bad. In fact, critics and audience have praised her performances alike and she is expected to stay in the movie industry for years to come and rule the hearts of her fan. She is definitely in the reckoning for the best actress which Bollywood possess based on acting merits and for such a Star to be involved in frequent wardrobe malfunctions hints at her “I don’t care” attitude and all these add to her popularity it seems. She has her own identity and is more popular among the teenage fans and have some really big budget films from famous directors and producers in her kitty.

She is always in the news be it for her comments, her relationship rumors, her lack of general knowledge or current affairs or her upcoming films. Whether she does this deliberately or not; only she can tell but one thing is for sure that there will be no stopping her and she will be talked about whether for the “Good” or for the “Bad”.

Alia Bhatt is the QUEEN when it comes these wardrobe malfunctions and uneasy situations but she provides a lesson to all other actors and actresses in a sense that how confidence and attitude can can turn a bad situation to be working in your favor. The fans have definitely learnt the lesson and hope that others are also listening and take a leaf out of Alia Bhatt’s book and apply it in their lives.

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