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Radhika Apte is a critically acclaimed actress of Bollywood and she has also made her presence felt in Regional Cinemas and proved her craft in her collaborations with International Movies as well. She has got the acting skills to stay long in this industry and has often projected her talent with a variety of roles.

However, year 2015 and 2016 were marked years for her in terms of “Scandals” as well .She became a part of back to back media sensation when her nude scene from a short movie directed by renowned Bollywood director, Anurag Kashyap was leaked in 2015. It was a 20 minute short film named “That day after Everyday” which was meant for an International Release and it was a unique project as 7 short films directed by renowned directors would have been assembled and made into a full-fledged film.

Anurag Kashyap opened up on the issue as it was because of him that Radhika had done the project and protecting her from this short of mishap was his responsibility.  He put his perspective in front of the media and said that his short film was a true story, it was very powerful and would have come with subtitles. It was difficult for him to shoot due to the sequence where the actress had to lift her dress and expose her lower front part. It wasn’t easy for him to find an actress who was brave enough to do such sequence. Radhika Apte was so proud of doing something like that and the entire shooting crew was women and even girls were involved in the post-production stage. He also added that a month before this scandal; the short film was delivered to New York and the viral leaked video popped up online from nowhere. Anurag suspected that there was an Indian Guy behind this scandal.

Anurag also approach the Police to seek help for catching the culprit and the viral video was blocked and removed from WhatsApp Messenger App and Facebook as well. However, this whole scandal led to much media scrutiny for Radhika Apte and also resulted in a number of debates among people, popular personalities and social organizations.

If this was not enough then 2016 saw another scandal when Radhika’s love making scene with actor Adil Hussain from her movie “Parched” was leaked and she also found herself in a similar scandal when her nude washroom selfies were circulated in Whatsapp and other social media platforms. The leaked love making scene and other scenes from the movie clearly showed Radhika’s sensuous boobs and nipples. The washroom selfies too showed her in a compromised position and her breasts were clearly visible.

Radhika was appreciated in the movie but the scandals led her to face troubles and media bringing that tricky topic in front of her every now and then during the time she was busy for the movie promotions. However, Radhika took the situation heads-on and did not succumb in these trying times and presented her brave side.

In this age of technology and media, it seems unlikely that Radhika can ease herself and think these situations won’t happen again, but her behavior reflects she is PREPARED to DEAL with it!

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