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The Hindi Film Industry or Bollywood Industry how it is popularly known has completed more than 100 years since its inception in 1912. Looking back, it can be reflected that the industry has come a long way and has improved and grown in every possible aspect.

Whenever, the movies of this industry is compared with the Foreign Films it is often considered that Bollywood Movies don’t have explicit content as freely as it’s visible and executed in International Films. Even the kissing scenes and love making scenes of Bollywood Cinema becomes a talking point and a food for gossip. There is hype, media scrutiny and scandals but the audience love this chaos and amongst these passionate movie-lovers the industry has sustained itself absolutely well and enlarged itself quite rapidly.

Over a period of time even Bollywood movies started incorporating bold and hot content and then there was birth of “Censorship” and it still plays a major role for any film-maker to have scenes who wants to depict explicit or erotic content or any other content and has to get the movie examined through the norms set by the Censor Board.

However, it will be a SHOCK for most of those movie-lovers to know that the “First ever Kissing Scene in Bollywood History” was picturized in 1933!

The name of the movie was “Karma” and this bilingual film starred Devika Rani and Himanshu Rai as the lead actor and actress who were also real life couples. It was a joint production among India, Germany and United Kingdom. The movie has the longest kissing sequence for any Indian Film as the kissing scene went on for 4 minutes! It was a romantic situation in the movie where Devika Rani openly smooched her husband-actor Himanshu Rai passionately. The lip lock image of these actors got noticed in a quick span of time in that era.

The film was made specially keeping in mind the taste of the International audience and Devika Rani became a sensation in India as her kiss was hot and romantic and it also led to controversies as a major part of India could not accept such bold scenes being depicted openly. In India, the movie was released in Hindi as “Naagan ki Raagani” but it could not weave the same magic as it had done in foreign countries. The controversies were said to be one of the biggest reasons for its failure in India but it is a “Landmark” Film in India Cinema for its first ever bold kissing scene in an Indian Movie.

The story revolved around a princess, enacted by Devika Rani and a prince, enacted by Himanshu Rai where the princess falls for the prince and they love each other but the prince’s father is against this relationship.

The young cine-goers can catch a glimpse of that hot and romantic love making scene and also see other works of Devika Rani who was awarded “Padma Shri” (1958) and “Dadasaheb Phalke Award” (1969) by the Indian Government and “Soviet Land Nehru Award” by Soviet Russia in the year 1990.

Devika Rani is truly and quite deservingly called “The First Lady of Indian Cinema”!

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