Katrina makes Shahrukh Khan liplock onscreen for the First Time Ever

Posted: October 26, 2016 by darkdesires011 in Relationships, True Bollywood
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The Film-stars never FAIL to SURPRISE their Audience!

This statement holds true because the unpredictable decisions of the superstars who rule the hearts of millions and billions of fan leave them with shock, bewilderment whereas some are left with awe and happiness.

One such superstar is none other than SHAH RUKH KHAN. His decision in the 2012 movie “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” surprised even his most loyal, dedicated and crazy fans because he did something which he had never done in his career spanning 20 years in the Bollywood Film Industry until 2012.

His co-star in that movie, the beautiful, stunning, sexy and charismatic “Katrina Kaif” became the first actress ever to be picturized in a smooch scene with Shahrukh Khan. She is the bold and special one who made Shahrukh do the undoable on screen! It was a romantic situation where both the characters in the before mentioned movie ended up in a “Liplock”.

The movie was an enormous success both commercially and critically and bagged major awards for the movie as well. There were critics who said in the negative for the predictable story plot but all these remarks did not change audience’s mind to see the film. This film was special and it was also an emotionally sensitive moment for many as it was the last film of the famous and classic director “Yash Chopra”.

Despite, the success of the film and other accolades there were gossips and parodies made on Social Networking Websites which looked at the liplock sequence between Katrina and Shahrukh in a funny and cheeky way. There were numerous reasons discussed as to why Shahrukh kissed Katrina and the most talked about was the one where it was mentioned that the spat and differences between Superstar Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan was the reason for this unpredictable decision.

Katrina was said to be close with Salman Khan and the spat between two superstars Shahrukh and Salman was also rumored to have taken place while discussing about Katrina and some other actresses. There was no evidence but the rumors gave a plenty to think of to the audience and media alike.

The smooching scene between Katrina and Shahrukh was romantic and the beautiful lips of Katina along with the macho man Shahrukh raised the temperatures for the audiences. It will be interesting to see what Shahrukh does in future because even he cannot be counted on now as no one can guess what he is going to do.

Among the audience discussions one of the funny ones was where it was said to make Shahrukh kiss, people have to get him involved in a fight once again and maybe he will again do something to shock the audience completely.

It is a welcome change to see even one of the most experienced and established actors to break the pattern and experiment with his roles and how to go about preparing for the role and presenting it in different way.

Will Shahrukh smooch again onscreen? The audience can only WAIT to get the answer…..

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