Nandana Sen bares her hot Boobs and More for “Rang Rasiya”

Posted: October 27, 2016 by darkdesires011 in Hot chips, True Bollywood
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The multi-talented Nandana Sen proved in 2014 that age is just a number when it comes to beauty and expression of seductiveness as she portrayed the muse of an artist with perfectionism in the movie ”Rang Rasiya”.

The movie was stuck in controversies and was not getting released in India due to its bold content and certain scenes regarding nudity and paint were the reasons which became a hurdle for this artistic piece of work by the highly acclaimed director “Ketan Mehta”.

If it has not been for the Censor Board’s objection then the movie would have been released in India much years earlier as “Rang Rasiya” was screened at the 2008 The Times BFI London Film Festival. The movie also had an English version titled “Colours of Passion”.

It is really hard to believe that Nandana Sen was 40 years of age during the shooting of the film and the hot scenes she enacted can easily make a young girl have inferiority complex. Her nudity was presented in a very artistic way and it was a welcome change for the audience as the scenes soothed as well as enticed their nerves at the same time. Her performance was absolutely uninhibited and bold yet had the innocence and vulnerability of the character and the role of one of the greatest painter of India, Raja Ravi Verma was portrayed by the dashing and critically renowned actor, Randeep Hooda.

Nandana was draped in a white transparent saree and her sexy boobs were visible and the complete visibility of her nipples made the audience hooked to her beauty and it was one of the added reasons to watch this amazing movie depicted on the painter Raja Ravi Verma.

The whole film on a whole worked and it mesmerized the critics as they hailed it is one of the best movies of Indian Cinema. The movie was not on the lines of those no-brainer sex comedies but brought out the perspective a painter has with his muse and his dedications towards the art of painting and the whole element of colours, vibrance, relationships, muse, painting, nudity, sensuousness was blended perfectly in this movie “Rang Rasiya”.

Nandana Sen received applause for her work and apart from that, her nude pictures of this film also created a wave in the social media and the people became curious when they got to see the bold and seductive Nandana Sen either draped in that white saree with her boobs or her images with Randeep Hooda where both can be seen making love to each other and both of them beautifully covered with paint.

Nandana has a vast range of work and she is not only limited to Bollywood Movies as she is one of those view actresses who have made a mark in World Cinema and  she has been involved in projects related to various countries. She is known for taking upbeat and challenging roles and delivering strong and heartfelt performances.

Bollywood definitely needs more actors and actresses like Nandana Sen who can be as bold and multi-talented like her!

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