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Vidya Balan has gained immense popularity over the years but it was not easy for her to climb the ladders of success. She proved her acting skills since the start of her career from “Parineeta” and since then, she has been part of critically as well as commercially successful movies. Despite, being praised for her acting performances she was the talking point among the audience as well media for her fashion sense and weight issues.

Vidya Balan was made into a scapegoat and made fun of for her acceptance towards her figure which is contradictory to how Bollywood actresses are perceived and desired to be. She kept maintaining her desi and traditional attire and was proud of her full and curvy figure but the people thought otherwise.

However, it all CHANGED!

Vidya presented such a raw and desi passion in her love scenes for the movie “Ishqiya” that everyone was in awe and shock at the same time. She just presented a new and bold desi avatar that being “Desi” was the “Next New Thing” to be talked about among people and media.

The same people completely changed their opinions about Vidya and some acted so diplomatically to save their ass now as Vidya had proved them WRONG and slapped them on their faces without even laying a finger on them.

The way she uttered the dialogues in the movie, and her thumb sucking scene along with her lovemaking scene with Arshad Warsi was shared on Social Media and was one of the most seen video among the people in that period of time. Her equation with legendary actor Naseeruddin Shah also got popular and she backed it with one of the BOLDEST film of Bollywood Cinema named “The Dirty Picture”.

“The Dirty Picture” was the biggest turning point of Vidya Balan’s career as it not only helped her in changing her image but also in cementing her bold desi image as well as her position in the Bollywood Film Industry. This particular movie apparently based on the yesteryears Southern Sensation “Silk Smitha” resulted in increasing Vidya’s popularity to a new height and she was placed amongst the “Top Actresses of Bollywood”! The boldest in her portrayal of the character was visible from her “exciting and naughty dialogues” which were mostly sexual and her hot boobs with her cleavage added to the charm of the film.

With the success of this movie, audiences took a keen interest in her earlier films as well and she got her due for her past films in form of love and accolades from her fans. She gave all the traditional Desi women a new definition that being sexy and sensuous does not come by wearing less or sexy clothes or having a slim body but the “Passion lies Within a Person” and her attitude, confidence and way of talking can have the same Magical effect!

Looking back at her career, one can easily notice that she was never a shy girl on screen as her love making scenes has always been passionate and lively. She has smooched her co-stars in most of the movies and often her scenes are the hottest ones compared to other Bollywood actresses.

Vidya Balan is quite easily the “QUEEN” when it comes to “Desi smooching and Love-Making Scenes”!

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