Gauhar Khan’s bare butt during ramp walk

Posted: October 15, 2016 by darkdesires011 in True Bollywood, Wardrobe malfunctions
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Gauhar Khan is a well-known name these days but back in 2006 she was still climbing the staircases of success and was into modelling. She started her career with modelling in 2002 when she was fourth in a contest of “Femina Miss India”.

During a famous modelling event called “Lakme Fashion Week” she was walking the ramp when the unfortunate event happened in 2006. The dress she was wearing betrayed her as the stitches were not properly done. During her walk, her butt was revealed from behind but she covered her skin and tried to complete her walk.

Since then, she gained much popularity on internet and worldwide as well. This became a famous scandal and her popularity grew.

Well it’s up to the readers to decide whether she really was a victim or this was a publicity stunt to gain immediate popularity. However, she denied the claims that it was done on purpose and said it was seriously a wardrobe malfunction and said she was a “Victim”.

Well whatever the truth is of that particular incident, we know how she became popular after that and even got her own TV Shows and a chance to participate in famous television show “Big Boss” in the its 7th season. She eventually went to WIN this show and she was in news because of the scandals and the fights which took place in that show.

The 2006 Wardrobe Malfunction definitely gave an eyeful to the peeping eyes and she even did some sexy and hot item numbers in recent years which are high on the oomph factor and definitely raised the bars when it comes to item numbers. Gauhar Khan’s incident also made her popular in Dubai as she has her extended family and fans there.

Over the years many such wardrobe malfunctions have taken place and all the so called mentioned “Victims” have gained popularity which add curiosity in people’s mind regarding these incidents and gives overnight fame to the model. This topic was even depicted in the Movie “Fashion” where a model played by the actress “Kangana Ranaut” suffers Wardrobe Function.

Gauhar Khan participated Reality Shows as well and wherever she goes she is involved in some sort of scandals but eventually comes out successful and moves higher in her career as well as her fan base grows. During Big Boss she was said to be dating a fellow contestant from that show and had a huge fan following on the social networking site “Twitter” where fans wanted her to get married but eventually the relationship soured and she had a break-up.

There were claims that this incident was again a publicity stunt from her side and faked the dating incident to gain sympathy during the Big Boss show which led her to win it and after she won it she broke the relationship off.

She again denied the claims and said the relation could not proceed and they reached a “mutual consent” to break it off.

Whatever the reality is, we were kept hooked and interested and if this was a pre-determined plan then we must admit Gauhar Khan is here to stay for long in this competitive showbiz field and we await for the NEXT BIG INCIDENT from her side!


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